12 Chic Spots Around the World for Digital Nomads to Work (and Live) – Architectural Digest

12 Chic Spots Around the World for Digital Nomads to Work (and Live) – Architectural Digest

One of the hotels participating in Aruba’s One Happy Workation program, Renaissance Aruba, resides on its own island where guests can work from a private beachfront cabana.Photo: Aruba Tourism Authority


In September 2020, Aruba launched a clever program dubbed One Happy Workation, allowing Americans to stay on the island surrounded by bright blue waters for up to three months—no special visa needed. The concept? For anyone with an itch to travel and an American passport to live on the charming mountainous enclave like a local. Plus, the living arrangements are next-level, with everything from multiroom villas and condos to boutique hotels and renowned resorts, all of which boast high-speed Wi-Fi. Even the oceanfront private cabanas alongside the island’s famous flamingos have working Internet.

Ponta del Sol, a colorful municipality on the southwestern coast of Madeira, was the first island on which Digital Nomads Madeira Islands took a test run. Photo: Startup Madeira

Madeira Islands

Launched off the coast of Portugal in February of this year, Digital Nomads Madeira Islands—the brainchild of Madeira’s regional government, Startup Madeira, and longtime remote worker Gonçalo Hall—was specifically conceived for anyone who needs not much more than a good Wi-Fi connection to get through their 9 to 5. The idea is to develop a full-blown digital nomad community on such Portuguese islands as the red-roofed Ponta do Sol and the colorful rocky beach of Madeira, driving people towards the quaint alternatives to the sprawling cities. Plus, all of the co-working spaces are equipped with super-high-speed Internet and, perhaps most importantly, mountain and ocean vistas through every window. There are also seminars, yoga classes, and guided hikes, among other stimulating activities on offer through Madeira’s work-from-anywhere concept. Hall notes, “What makes the project special is the focus on community. Everything goes around the community, including the events, the sharing…etc. Community is key.”

The Roundtree, Amagansett is an underrated winter destination. Photo: The Roundtree, Amagansett

The Roundtree, Amagansett

There is hardly a more popular summer spot for New Yorkers than the Hamptons. That said, quite a few of the charming beach towns—namely, Amagansett—actually make a decent case for winter retreats at typical summer destinations. And for anyone who doesn’t spend their weekdays in a high-rise office, check into one of The Roundtree, Amagansett’s five standalone cottages for a stylish package the hoteliers are calling …….

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