5 Tips for Networking and Succeeding as a Digital Nomad – News & Features

5 Tips for Networking and Succeeding as a Digital Nomad – News & Features

The life of a digital nomad is one of freedom, but that doesn’t mean it’s always sunshine and roses. 

Digital nomads have jobs that don’t depend on working in an office and are regularly hitting the road with their laptops, working in different locations from coffee shops, hotels, co-working spaces, and even libraries with a WiFi connection.

One issue that arises with the digital nomad lifestyle is that building and maintaining a network of contacts (networking) when you are always on the move can be a challenge.

Networking and interacting with people is important as it helps you keep a pulse on the job market, stay in touch with current trends, and meet prospective clients, partners, and mentors.

But with the ability to work from anywhere at any time, it can be far too easy to become isolated from your clients and potential business partners. 

To help you stay connected with those around you and expand your professional circles, here’re quick tips and steps you can use for effective networking and success as a digital nomad:


1. Have a Home Base


The first thing you want to do is to establish a home base. While you can work from wherever you please, it’s certainly harder to hold meetings if you don’t have an official place of work. 

If you’d rather not meet clients at the local coffee shop (or have them anywhere near your home office), consider investing in a serviced office

For a fraction of the price of a full office rental, you can enjoy a prestigious address and a bunch of additional services while still working wherever you want 90% of the time.


2. Get a Decent Laptop/Smartphone


You should also ensure that you have a high-quality smartphone and laptop that works as new. This may seem vain, but it’s actually a logical investment for your business when your main method of communication is the internet. 

Newer smartphones and laptop models have better cameras and improved processing power — two things that are central for a smooth video call or online meeting.


3. Embrace New Technology


Speaking of technology, it’s important to adopt new tech solutions and take care of the software that you use. This includes staying on top of and embracing Cloud Computing, Video Conferencing, Team Collaboration Suites, Productive Assistants, Time Tracking Apps, and various other Business Apps that improve collaboration, productivity, and efficiency.

Besides that, secure you work laptop and devices by using antivirus software and keeping your operating system and other software up to date, as well as managing backups of files. The last thing you want is a data leak or security breaches.

If you’re not techie or technically minded, it’s worth looking into managed IT services. You’ll also be ensuring that your clients have security in regards to any sensitive information they may share with your business.

With the right tech tools and remote working strategies, research shows that remote workers often can go even above and beyond regular office-based employees in terms of …….

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