Costa Rica Advances With Legislation to Attract Digital Nomads – The Costa Rica News

Costa Rica Advances With Legislation to Attract Digital Nomads – The Costa Rica News

At TCRN, we have been emphatic in what has been the evolution of remote working and the important role of the so-called digital nomads throughout the world, today Costa Rica has a purpose regarding this issue, given the law that exists, in order to promote long-stay visits to the country and increase the expenditure of resources of foreign origin.

The Government of Costa Rica, led by Carlos Alvarado, signed a law with the aim of attracting digital nomads, service providers of an international nature. The legislation will help to improve the tourism field, its reactivation; The law is a reinforcement of the tourist area, which offers remote workers greater legal security and motivation to work from any Costa Rican space.

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Fundamental key employment and well-being

The special law for digital nomads in Costa Rica repeatedly contains the words “employment” and “well-being”, both must be a guarantee of all those who decide to do their work from the country, which in the long term can help generate Greater investments, greater possibilities of work for the Tico population, because the digital nomad, after all, consumes services, covers their food, moves from one place to another according to their interest, hires people.

There are other benefits

The legislation will allow any foreign person, with an income greater than 2,500 euros, to stay up to one year in Costa Rica with a visa that can be extended for an additional year. If you are traveling with your family, the income must be more than 4,300 euros.

Part of what is the personal telecommunications or computer equipment so that the nomad can do their jobs, will be exempt from paying all taxes as long as they meet the proportionality criteria that will be dictated by the National Customs Directorate of the Treasury.

Among other things, the driving license granted in the beneficiary’s country of origin and that is valid will be valid for the purposes of driving in Costa Rica.It is worth noting that 32 Tourism Development Centers in the Central American country have the conditions to receive and serve digital nomads.

According to experts, the number of people willing to apply for visas as digital nomads has increased, which has caused companies and organizations to feel the motivation to invest despite the Covid-19 pandemic. They, the specialists in the area, have referred in 2021 to entertainment tourism, as one that has been strengthened in all areas, with a …….


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