Must-Have Digital Nomad Apps For Better Work And Travel In 2023 – ReadWrite

Must-Have Digital Nomad Apps For Better Work And Travel In 2023 – ReadWrite

While a majority of employers have recalled their employees back into the office over the last few months – ending a nearly two-year work-from-home – ecosystem, a large majority of remote workers are still shaping the future of work and work-life balance through the introduction of new technology.

Statistics show that between 2019 and 2022 the number of digital nomad workers in the United States grew from 7.2 million to more than 16 million, representing a 130% increase.

The surge in remote and work-from-home employees came after pandemic-related restrictions, and health concerns left employers strategizing over the future potential of the modern workplace environment.

Now, with restrictions eased, and much of the COVID worries in the rearview, those employees enjoying the benefits of remote work life are finding it more convenient to travel and work at the same time.

With a surge in technological innovation over the last couple of years, digital nomads now have a plethora of ingenious tools at their disposal. The idea of having a better work-life balance, schedule flexibility, and more autonomy has seen a growing percentage – 64% of employees – making this a vital request from their employers or when they’re looking for a new job according to a 2022 poll by Gallup.

The Must-Have Digital Nomad Apps

Better work-life balance and being able to work from nearly anywhere in the world means that digital nomads will need to have the best possible apps to help them balance tight working schedules and budgets while having to constantly move around.

Citizen Remote

Perhaps one of the few digital nomad apps out there that helps to keep everything organized in one place. The app has been designed to keep important documents and information secure in one place, and users can plan their itineraries using the Journey feature on the app. Additionally, the app doubles as a communication platform through which users can link up with other digital nomads in their area.


Not all cities are designed for digital nomads, and often the majority of them will work in cafes, restaurants, and bars. WorkForm helps remote workers with personal cafe suggestions that are remote-working-friendly. The app allows users to find the best places to work within their area, link up with other nomads, and become part of a virtual cafe community from basically anywhere in the world.

Trail Wallet

Keeping score on finances while working and traveling can be a tedious task, especially when there are conversations involved. Trail Wallet lets users keep track of their expenses, giving them a space where they can set up a budget and keep track of their spending habits. Trail Wallet is a straightforward mobile application that helps digital nomads take better control of their money while abroad.


Just like with PayPal and Wise, Revolut gives users the ability to make money transfers, do payments, and shop online while overseas. The app was designed with the digital nomad in mind, giving them the tools they need to survive in a foreign country. Additionally, Revolut gives users …….


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