Welcome To The Gilded Age Where Digital Nomads Can Live And Work Remotely In Flexible-Stay, Turnkey, Plush Apartments – Forbes

Welcome To The Gilded Age Where Digital Nomads Can Live And Work Remotely In Flexible-Stay, Turnkey, Plush Apartments – Forbes

Guild property in Victory Park-Katy Trail, Dallas

The Guild

The pandemic has substantially changed the way we work and live in positive ways. Before the virus outbreak, it was considered somewhat “fringe” to work at home. Fast forward two years, remote work has become the new standard. 

Companies are also offering hybrid models, in which you will be in the office about two or three days a week and at home—or anywhere really—for the rest of the days. Some progressive firms offer flexibility, which empowers people to work when and where they so desire.

These corporate policies open the doors to opportunities. People can dramatically change their lives for the better. For instance, why spend the winter in New York or New Jersey when there are nearly five months of unrelenting cold weather, snow, and ice and darkness falls around 4 p.m., when there are other choices? You are now able to relocate permanently or temporarily to sunny, warm climates that offer affordable housing, good schools, lower taxes and a higher quality of life.

The Guild is one of the innovative companies empowering and freeing people to work wherever they want. This new, hybrid living will disrupt the traditional apartment rental model by rapidly growing the flexible living and short-term rental sector, as well as the larger $1.3 trillion long-term rentals market. The company offers high-end, tech-enabled apartments across the country for people who want to experience being in a new and different location, while working remotely. 

It’s perfect for digital nomads. This group of people, predominantly young, white-collar professionals, want to take advantage of their new autonomy and experience traveling to exciting locations for a long weekend or several months. Guild makes it easy with a turnkey solution. 

The real-estate-tech company is on a mission to flexible and blended living, traveling and working. Its properties allow for you to live there full time or stay for a few nights or as long as you want in chic, hip and modern furnished apartments.

The Guild—which currently manages over 2,000 units across 12 communities and seven markets, including Denver; Bay Harbor, Florida; Miami; Cincinnati, Austin, Texas, Dallas and San Antonio—combines both the boutique, upscale-hotel and urban-living experience. It now has over 10,000 units under development in its pipeline.

The concept is simple and straightforward. If you are considering relocating to a new area, before you buy or sell a home, you can stay for several months at a Guild apartment to check out the neighborhoods, social scene and school system. After being cooped up, staring at the same four walls for a couple of years now, you may want to escape and experience new places. With the apartment-on-demand setup, you can easily use an app to find and settle in an apartment in Austin, Texas. If you feel the need for some warmth, the next trip can be to Miami. Once there for a week or so, you may decide to spend the rest of the winter by the beach.

The Guild makes it super easy. The short or long-term rentals, depending upon your needs, boast concierge-type services, such as on-demand grocery stocking and housekeeping. The buildings …….

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